I Graduate

Did you know that you can fail homeroom? You can, in fact, fail homeroom. I did because I had 12 unexcused absences, and I also failed math, which meant I almost didn’t graduate.

Let me be clear: I am not bad at math. I’ve been taking advanced math classes since I was 12. I am, however, bad at doing homework. And showing up for class. And paying attention on the rare occasions I do show up. So I’m bad at several vital life skills, but math isn’t one of them.

One of my fellow honors students called me a “senior burnout”. I contend this statement. I did a lot of work this semester. I took three weeks off from history to work on my novel, which I’ve since finished the fourth draft of. (Your applause is necessary.) School made both my depression and anxiety worse, so I only went to the classes I had to, and spent the rest of my time not dying.

That makes it sound like I’m using depression as an excuse to ditch class. I’m not. I would have ditched class anyway. I also take full responsibility for my actions and will accordingly deal with the consequences in a mature manner. In this case, there were no consequences, because my math teacher boosted my grade last minute and I ended up graduating alongside 300 people who I’d never seen in my life. (I swear- there were people at graduation who don’t even go to our school.)

I’m happy to be done with school. I’m even happier that I graduated instead of being expelled, which, given some of my activities, was completely possible. For example, vandalism. Schools have this weird grudge against vandals. I’ve reformed though, since my trademarked Gay Friend is now a school custodian. And because I’m a good person. Obviously.

Graduation Photo

Side Note: I will soon be posting an advice column. If you have a question or issues I can advise you on, please comment! Otherwise, I’ll just make problems up, a skill I’ve spent several years developing.